Introducing the coolest, funkiest, wildest sound creation tool you'll ever use!

A simple, user-configurable slider screen provides access to SFX Machine's arsenal of over 200 built-in effects. Fine tune any preset by adjusting the parameters through a set of sliders. SFX Machine is not only powerful and easy to use, its tons of fun!

SFX Machine Highlights

Hundreds of Presets You Can Use Right Now

SFX Machine is a Premiere-compatible software Plug-In that delivers an astounding range of signal processing effects. It includes more than 200 built-in presets, from the conventional to the bizarre. Each preset can be customized by adjusting any number of parameters through a set of sliders. You'll find all the effects you use every day, like Echo, Chorus, Delay and Flange, as well as effects that you won't find anywhere else like Sitar Drone, Munchkin Chorus, The Cauldron, and Bleep-a-thon. SFX Machine's huge repertoire of effects lets you add something unique to all your audio projects.

Creative Sound Design Tools without Limits

SFX Machine's customizable library is just the beginning--dream up sound effects you never before imagined using SFX Machine's Edit screen--a 'DSP Construction Kit' that offers access to all of SFX Machine's powerful parameters. For each of the 8 stereo modules in the Edit Screen, SFX Machine lets you select from 9 different sources, apply any of 11 different DSP processes, and perform any of 13 different modulations. The result? Millions of possible new sound effects, which can then be saved as presets. And, with a single mouse click, the Randomizer completely reconfigures your patch, selecting new DSP processes, modulations and parameters. We guarantee you'll hear sounds you've never heard before!

But if there was a product you needed to hear to truly appreciate, SFX Machine is it--it's like nothing you've ever heard before. Put SFX Machine to work for you today--and find out for yourself what leading feature film sound designers, multimedia producers, recording engineers, and others are talking about.

With SFX Machine, you'll get effects like:

  • Drums Gate Bass
  • Filter Vibrato
  • Guitar Tuning
  • Simple Graphic EQ
  • The Cauldron
  • Bleep-a-thon
  • Theremin
  • Phattener
  • Short Wave Café
  • Telephone Ring
  • Doppler Passby
  • Modulated AutoPan
  • Train Station
  • 78 Record
  • Multitap
  • Freeze Boing
  • 60's Tremolo
  • Distortion
  • Flubbery Flange
  • Notch Filter
  • Noise Gate
  • Envelope Remover
  • DeClipper
  • PitchTrack
  • Sitar Drone
  • Slow Deep Chorus
  • Jimi Echo
  • Swept Band Pass
  • Analog Mask
  • Bubble Synth
  • H2 Oh!
  • & many, many more..


SFX Machine features a virtual 'DSP Construction Kit' that offers access to all of SFX Machine's powerful parameters. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Or just try clicking the Randomize button and SFX Machine completely reconfigures your patch. You'll discover sounds you've never before imagined!


Download SFX Machine Demo (for PowerMac Users only)
Purchase SFX Machine
SFX Machine Goodies from the Online Toolkit

SFX Machine Troubleshooting

System requirements

  • PowerPC Macintosh with Sound Manager, System 7.1 or later
  • 16MB minimum RAM
  • 6MB available hard disk space
  • 640 x 480 minimum screen resolution (13" monitor); (color monitor recommended)
  • BIAS Peak™ 1.12 (1.50 or later recommended)
  • BIAS Peak™ LE 1.5
  • BIAS Deck™ 2.5
  • Adobe Premiere™ 4.0
  • Opcode Vision™ or Studio Vision Pro™ 3.54
  • MOTU Digital Performer™ 2.1
  • Emagic Logic Audio™ 3.0
  • Cakewalk Metro™ 4.0

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