Peak LE's new Overview Window has what you need to edit audio quickly, easily, and professionally You get markers, regions, loops, a customizable toolbar and floa ting tool palette, and more. Plus you get non-destructive edit-ing with unlimited undos, and support for Adobe Premiere plug-in effects.

Peak LE 2.0 Highlights

The Streamlined Solution

Lots of companies offer "lite" versions of their flagship programs but you usually wind up with a bare-bones, stripped-down shell of the real thing. Peak LE 2.0 is much more than bare-bones. Simply, it gives you pro-caliber editing, processing and power at a price anyone can afford. Whether you're burning audio directly to CD-R, or encoding your audio files for RealAudio streaming over the Internet, Peak LE 2.0 is a great way to discover Peak power basics.

Peak LE's new Playlist Window lets you arrange audio sequences as you wish. And just like Peak 2.0,
with a click of your mouse, you can burn your audio directly to a CD-R recorder

The Power You Need, At the Price You Want

Peak LE 2.0 is a remarkable value with many of Peak 2.0's features including: CD burning from the playlist, RealAudio encoding, and support for Premiere Plug-Ins. And when you're ready, you can always upgrade to a full-featured version of Peak 2.0 with dozens of professional audio recording, editing, & processing features including support for Digidesign DAE™, TDM™, and Audiosuite™, and real-time Adobe Premiere format audio Plug-Ins, MIDI sampler support, Batch File Processing and more.

Peak LE 2.0 may not have all of Peak 2.0's features - but it's no slouch, either. Peak LE 2.0 gives you a vast array of professional audio production features at a great price, and with a wonderfully easy-to-grasp user interface.



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System Requirements

  • System 7.5 or later QuickTime 3.0 or later
  • 10MB RAM minimum
  • 5MB available hard disk space (for program and online help)
  • l8ms average seek time recommended for SCSI hard drive
  • 640 x 400 minimum screen resolution; color monitor recommended
  • Apple Sound Manager 3.3 or later
  • Appropriate Sound Manager driver software required for use with third-party sound cards (contact BIAS for information)
  • 16-hit built-in audio circuitry or 16-hit sound card required for recording or playback with 16-bit resolution
  • For CD audio importing, CD-ROM drive must support Audio SCSI extraction (contact BIAS for more information)
  • For CD-R burning, please contact BIAS for a list of compatible recorders.

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