Peak 2.0 Highlights

  • Digidesign DAE™ support
  • TDM™ & Audiosuite™ Plug-In support
  • Real-time Adobe Premiere™ Plug-Ins
  • Support for 24- and 32-bit files
  • Playlist-direct CDR burning
  • QuickTime™ movie window
  • SMPTE synchronization
  • Expanded sampler support
  • Improved toolset & user interface

Introducing Peak 2.0

A customizable tool bar and floating palette give you access to the tools you need, and lets you work the way you work best. And Peak's new QuickTime™ support lets you import digital movies, and synchronize your audio to them with better-than-frame accuracy.

Peak is the most full-featured, powerful, yet easy-to-use 2-track digital audio editing program available. In just two short years since its initial release, BIAS Peak has evolved into a digital audio editing standard winning critical acclaim from numerous experts and leading publications. Now Peak 2.0 is even more powerful and feature-rich than before, yet it's still the easiest 2-track tool Macintosh audio professionals can use to take their audio from conception to final mix, CD, video, film, or the Web.

Peak breathes new life into any Mac audio program, multitrack workstation, integrated MIDI sequencing software, sound card, multimedia authoring program, or non-linear video editing system. With support for AIFF, SDIl, .WAV, QuickTime™ Pro Tools-style dual-mono files, RealAudio™ 2.0, 3.0 & 5.0 Internet sound files, multiple compression formats including QDesign, IMA, µ-Law and others, as well as support for files all the way up to 32-bits, Peak is fluent in your audio language of choice.

Cool Tools & Features

Beyond bread-and-butter processing, Peak has loads of exciting, flexible and creative tools for making rhythmic and sonic discoveries. Finding just the right sample loop point with the Loop Tuner™ is an on-the-fly snap, and the improved Loop Surfer™ creates real-time, tempo-based loops from audio clips. There's also advanced batch file processing, click repair, custom blend and fade envelopes, innovative DSP tools, and the ability to import multiple audio tracks from CD. Peak 2.0 is the most complete disk-based editing solution offering full support for MIDI samplers, including AKAI, E-mu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Peavey, Yamaha, and others.

The Interface

Peak 2.0's support for Digidesign DAE™ provides seamless ntegration with DAE supported audio hardware, as well as access to TDM and Audiosuite™ Plug-lnsl
Peak 2.0's re-designed user interface is totally new and a breeze to navigate. The new customizable tool bar and floating palette give easy access to editing tools for an improved ergonomic work-space. Left and right channels can now be independently processed. A new pencil tool has been added to the tool palette allowing precise, sample-level editing simply by drawing a line. And Peak's new QuickTime™ support lets you import digital video movies, and synchronize your audio to video with better-than-frame accuracy—making Peak your perfect multimedia production partner.

High-end Features for Professional Applications

Though it's incredibly easy to use, Peak 2.0 still offers everything you need for high-end music, multimedia, or audio-for-picture production. Peak 2.0 includes support for 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit audio files, Digidesign DAE recording and playback support, real-time Adobe Premiere audio Plug-Ins, SMPTE/EBU timecode synchronization, and so much more. Whether you're a seasoned pro, a beginner, or somewhere in between, you'll realize within minutes what a pleasure it is to use Peak. Isn't it time you give your creativity what it deserves? Peak 2.0.


Peak's playlist offers a quick and easy way to arrange sequences of audio, apply real-time DSP effects, and even burn directly to a CD-R recorder.

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System Requirements

  • Power PC
  • System 7.1 or later
  • Quicktime 3.0 or later
  • 32MB RAM minimum
  • 5MB available hard disk space (for program and online help)
  • 18ms average seek time recommended for SCSI hard drive
  • 640 x 480 minimum screen resolution; color monitor recommended
  • Apple Sound Manager 3.3 or later
  • Recording and playback of sounds at higher bit depths (eg 16-, 24-, 32-bits), may requires compatible hardware or third party audio card and drivers
  • DAE support requires an additional 10MB RAM and supported Digidesign audio hardware

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