Coming Soon - Deck 3.0 with ASIC and VST Support

Deck 2.6 Highlights

  • Professional multitrack recording, editing & processing solution
  • Up to 64 simultaneous tracks - no audio hardware required
  • Runs on most Macs - even Powerbooks
  • Up to 999 virtual tracks
  • Real-time DSP effects include graphic & parametric EQs, delay, chorus, gain & more
  • Support for Adobe Premiere audio plug-ins
  • 24-bit automated level mixing with high-res moving faders
  • Automated mutes, pans & levels
  • Copy, paste, drag & draw automation envelopes
  • Integrated digital video support - with frame-accurate MTC & SMPTE/EBU timecode sync
  • Syncs to all OMS compatible MIDI sequencers
  • Launch Peak or Peak le directly from Deck
  • Includes Peak LE and a free upgrade to Deck 3.0

Deck Is Now BIAS Deck

Deck's Track Window gives you everything you need for quick, easy, professional-quality multitrack recording and editing. You can create up to 999 virtual tracks within the Track Window, up to 64 of which can be played back simultaneously. Deck's super-efficient user interface also offers rapid access to tracks, tools and region info.

BIAS - the company behind such award-winning products as Peak™, Peak le™, and SFX Machine™ - is pleased to welcome Deck to our family of audio and music production tools.

BIAS Deck 2.6 is a full-featured, multitrack digital audio workstation for the Macintosh. In the past few years, Deck has won critical acclaim for its vast array of professional features, its intuitive user interface, and its remarkably affordable price tag. No other multitrack recording, editing, and mixing software gives you so much - for so little.

Deck Works With What You Own

Deck can be used with almost any Macintosh computer manufactured in the last several years - even PowerBooks. In fact, Deck is compatible with more CPUs than any other multitrack audio workstation software on the market. And if you own a PowerPC, G3, or MP (multi-processor) Mac, its capabilities are even more enhanced.

Deck 2.6 is fully native-capable

With any G3, PowerPC, or even Quadra 840AV or Centris 660AV, you can use your Mac's built-in audio connections - with no additional hardware required. Need pro-quality audio inputs and outputs? Just add a compatible audio card or interface. And coming in version 3.0, Deck supports the ASIO industry standard, giving you a wide choice of card and interface options.

Deck Delivers Serious Recording & Editing

Whether you're a seasoned audio pro or hobbyist, a multimedia developer or musician, a broadcaster or Webmaster, Deck 2.6 has all the features you need. Use Deck to record and edit up to 999 audio tracks - all in 16-bit CD quality - then play back up to an incredible 64 simultaneous tracks (dependent upon the speed of your Mac and hard drives).

And since Deck offers completely non-destructive editing, you can always edit any track as much as you like, with no fear of losing or altering the original material. Deck makes straightforward waveform editing fast and easy. For more intensive file editing, mastering, and delivery to audio CD, CD-ROM or the Web, now Deck comes bundled with a free copy of BIAS' acclaimed Peak LE stereo waveform editing program - which you can launch directly from within Deck.

Deck has the same features you'd expect to find on expensive workstations, such as grids, nudging, strip silence - plus editing and spotting to timecode, seconds, or bars & beats. But Deck goes way beyond just matching what other programs do. For instance, you get timeline markers; audio and video scrubbing (with or without an audio card); multiple clipboard memories; tear-off region editing; access to Premiere and (coming in 3.0) VST Plug-Ins - and plenty more you won't find in the "high-end" competition.

Deck Is Professionally Featured Mixing & Automation

Deck's automation capabilities are superb, with high-resolution moving faders and editable automation envelopes that "follow" audio regions as they're moved.

Deck's automation features are simply unsurpassed by any other native-capable multitrack audio workstation. You get high-resolution level automation, with 24-bit moving faders. And you get full automation of mutes, panning, and even EQs. Deck also offers visual drawing and editing of automation envelopes, including cutting, pasting, dragging - plus easy arrow-key nudging of break-points or automation regions. And here's another feature those "high-end" systems won't give you: Move a region in the timeline, and its automation envelope moves with it. Now that's what we call automation.

All Hands On Deck

No matter what your application may be, BIAS Deck cuts it better than any other multitrack audio workstation. Here are just some of the ways you'll benefit with Deck:

Music Production. Record, edit, automate, and mix tracks faster than any other multitrack alternative - in ways impossible with a tape-based digital multitrack recorder. Work to timecode, seconds, or even bars and beats. Import and playback MIDI tracks directly from Deck, or sync to your MIDI sequencer - even Windows-based (via MTC). And when you're ready, you can burn your mixed project directly to audio CD-R (using your free bundled copy of Peak le).

Audio Post-Production. Deck offers a wealth of pro-calibre post features, including frame-accurate spotting and SMPTE/EBU sync capability. And with frame-accurate sync to QuickTime movies, Deck is an ideal companion to any Avid, Media 100, Radius, Adobe, or other digital video editing system or software.

Broadcast Production. Thanks to Deck's easy, straightforward user interface, if you can run a Mac, now you can assemble great-sounding
multitrack radio and TV spots faster than lightning.

Effects Processing & Sound Design

Deck delivers more signal processing potential than any other native-capable audio workstation. You get real-time graphic and parametric EQs, delay, chorusing, and more - on every track (subject to CPU speed and power). There's full support for a wide range of Adobe Premiere-compatible audio Plug-Ins, such as our own acclaimed SFX Machine. Coming in Deck 3.0, VST Plug-In support offers further real-time DSP options. Deck has been used to create sound effects for dozens of Hollywood and CD-ROM blockbusters - and its upcoming DSP capabilities will make it even more powerful.

Audio for Multimedia & the Web

Deck is a multimedia dream machine. Got a format? Deck can handle it, with full import/export of SDII, AIFF, .WAV (Windows), QuickTime, and .SND audio files - and support for multiple bit-depths and sample rates. Peak le (bundled free) handles even more formats - and lets you the encode your projects as RealAudio™ or Shockwave™ files, ready for high-quality Web-based audio streaming.

Deck 2.6 gives you all you need for multitrack audio production - with an amazing arsenal of features, and an intuitive workspace that gets you quickly up to speed.

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System Requirements
  • PowerPC or G3 desktop Mac or PowerBook - or - Mac Quadra 840AV or Centris 660AV - or - Mac IIx (or later NuBus Mac) with Digidesign Audiomedia ™ , Audiomedia II, Audiomedia LC, Sound Tools™ II, Pro Tools™ 1/442 or RasterOps MediaTime™ NuBus audio cards (faster CPU & clock speeds yield
    greater track playback & DSP performance)
  • Korg 1212 I/0™ PCI-bus audio card (optional) - or - ASIO™-standard audio card/ audio interface (optional) ASIO support coming in Deck 3.0
  • Frame-accurate sync to SMPTE/EBU timecode requires peripheral hardware such as Opcode Studio 64XTC™, MOTU Digital Timepiece™, Digidesign Universal Slave Driver™, and others (please contact BIAS for more info)
  • Sample-accurate sync to Alesis ADAT™ 'Lightpipe'-compatible digital multitracks & other devices requires Korg 1212 I/O card.
  • 8MB RAM minimum (4- to 8-track playback); 16MB RAM or more recommended16MB yields up to 20-track playback with G3 and 110Mhz+ PowerPC CPUs (additional RAM delivers greater performance)
  • 5MB minimum available hard disk space (for program)
  • Separate SCSI hard disk recommended for audio files (1GB to 4GB or more), 18ms average seek time or less optional (internal system drive may be used); separate, faster hard drive delivers greater track playback performance
  • 640 x 480 screen resolution (color monitor recommended)
  • Mac OS 7.6.1 or later (fully Mac OS8 compatible)
  • QuickTime 2.5 or later
  • Sound Manager 3.2.1 or later
  • OMS 2.3.1 or later required for synchronizing Deck to OMS-compatible MIDI sequencers
    & playback of MIDI tracks
  • Digidesign System Init 2.9.3 or later required for use with Digidesign NuBus cards

System requirements & compatibility may change with BIAS Deck 3.0.


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