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Design by Eric Hwang

Customer-Centered Design

My web designs, much like a lighthouse, strive to help users navigate through vast oceans of information by using familiar interfaces and intuitive navigation to acheive their goals. Whether it's to find specific information or buy a product, a web site should bring value and a positive experience to the customer.

It's a concept known as customer-centered design that combines design, usability and marketing. Clean, simple and well thought out designs make a site less frustrating for users, easier to navigate, quicker to load, easier to maintain and ultimately more satisfying to the customer. It goes without saying that all my designs are based on existing and proposed web standards using secure and reliable technology and strike a balance between usability, accessibilty and ease of maintenance.

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Phare is French for lighthouse

I have no idea where my facination with lighthouses began, but I've always been drawn to the sea and appreciate unique architecture. I originally chose phareweb.com as a domain name because I wanted to put my photos of lighthouses on the web, but there were already too many such sites. When I first registered the domain name, Netscape Navigator was the browser of choice and had a nautical theme, so I started using the name phare for my consulting business. Later, when Netscape became less significant so did my domain name but by then it was very difficult and costly to obtain good short domain names, so I keep using it.